Thank You very much to all the families that have sent updated pictures and kept in touch with us!

The kids and I look at your website sometimes because they like to see Winnie’s Mom. Congratulations on your new litter of puppies. We were all excited to see Winnie’s cute little brothers and sisters. :) Winnie is seriously the best dog I have ever known. Everyone we meet, from family & friends, neighbors who walk by with their dogs, to the trainers and groomers we’ve worked with, everyone agrees!  Winnie has great spunk when she’s outside playing in the yard, but as soon as she’s in the house, she’s so chilled out and relaxed.  We drove to Illinois this summer and she was the perfect road trip companion. She loves to hop in the car any chance she gets, even if it a short ride in town. I gave Winnie a bath to melt all the snowballs off her this afternoon. She just laid down in the warm water and enjoyed the pampering. Truthfully, she’s happiest when she’s just by “her people”. Thank you!  We love her so much. She really completed our family when she joined us nearly a year ago.  Happy holidays to you and your family! 

Here is "Lucy" with my 3 boys - we just wanted to thank you and let you know that she is doing wonderful.  Honestly she is so smart and such a good girl.  We never had a problem with the crate at night - in fact I have many jealous friends when I tell them that I put her in the crate at 10pm and I wake her up at 6am - she does not need to go out in the middle of the night!  She is very attached to me so does not like the crate in the day, luckily I am home a lot though.  Thank you again for giving us such a wonderful puppy.  Good luck with everything and if you ever do this again and need a reference just let me know.  Take care!                                                                               
Hi Mary, We went to the vet today and got a good report…yay! Thanks, Kelli                                                                                                                                                                                           
Hi Mary! Just wanted to tell you Hunter is doing great!
Hi Mary! Everything is going so much better.  Woody is adapting well.  He is even pottying outside.  We go to the vet tomorrow. Have a good Sunday!
Hello Mary, Just wanted to send you a quick hello and Happy Thanksgiving from Hunter and I. He has grown up so fast and is such a gentleman. Hope all is well with you and your family! Thanks again!
Hi Sheila!  Just wanted to check in and let you know that Nellie is awesome! She is the smartest, most relaxed little girl. She loves to play and is already doing all of her business outside! She hasn't had an inside accident since Thursday!! We are so proud of her!  I have shared your name and website with 3 people :) Hope you're well! Kind regards, Crissy
I wanted to touch base and let you know that things with Winnie are off to a great start!  She is such a sweetie pie and is a quick learner.  She is such a love bug and we are all enjoying all the cuddles. Winnie has slept well in her crate the first two nights and is getting the hang of potty training.
We saw the vet yesterday where everyone made a fuss over her. The vet said she is "perfect". :)
Thank you to you & your family (& to Molly too!) for giving Winnie a great start in the world. We love her so much already and are so happy she is part of our family.

Thought you would like an update Dolly14.8 lbs. Donald

Update on our little girl. She is doing great. Had her second set of shots and a good check up. We spent the day with our 3 grandsons. They live on a farm. Lots of fun running with the boys. Met their lab. He is an old man and so tolerant of the puppy. The grandchildren love her and so do we. She has met with Kathy’s yellow lab twice. Did great. Plays with Dolly everyday. Only meeting dogs we know who are up to date with vaccines. No walks, no going to pet stores. Vet said important to socialize her before 17 weeks. She is doing better with her crate. Barks for less than a minute now. House training going as expected. She did go to the door and rang her bells once yesterday and this morning:) She had her first bath tonight and did beautifully. Her coat is so soft. Karen

Gracie had a blast at her first weekend at the lake. Kathy’s lab Gaston was wonderful with her. She slept from 9:30-6:30 she was so tired. Last shots tomorrow!! She is a sweetheart!! Karen

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